What to do if I'm on the verge of suicide?

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First of all, you should understand, that every problem can be solved. There is no unsolved problems.

British Craig Ston told a charming story. He was on the verge of suicide few years ago. Craig was homeless, he lost everything he had. But he managed to overcome depression and become succesful.

Ston wrote that the only key to deal with depression - always have a chat with anybody and talk about your problems. It can be anyone - mother, friend, stranger, neighbour, penfriend etc. You can also tell about your problems in Social Networks, it's quite good too.

"If depression is bullet that you are going to shoot in the head, silence is gun" - said once Craig Ston.

You also need to grasp, that you have close relatives, friends. Just imagine them on your funerals and what they would feel. You dong belong only to yourself, remember this.

I had same problem few years ago and those advices helped me to deal with depression and start to enjoy my life.

I wish you everying best. Do'nt despond!

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