Abakar Abakarov
13 марта 22:34.

Please, help me with essay.... "School classmates make the best friends".?

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There are different types of friends. There are friends, who are able to chat with you all day long and still have something to say. There are friends, who are ready to help you any time with everything they've got. There are friends, with whom you can see each other twice a year and still have a nice conversation and stay in good relationships. But do this people realy know you?

Friend is more than just an acquaintance. It turns out, that nice chats and helping each other is not enough. It takes more than combat gear to make a man and it takes much more than talks and some help to be a friend. Being a friend requires understanding, that many people lack. But who can understand you as much as it's needed, sometimes even more, than your parents do? Who knows you best, who saw you in various glorious or foolish situations? Obviously, it's your classmates.

Sure thing, relationships with classmates can vary. There are people, thag make you and there are people, that break you. But those of them, who are able to interract with you without disgust, can sooner or later see the whole picture of you. This people are bound to be your best friends or the worst enemies.

It's obvious, that during a significant part of everybodie's life the closest people we have, are our classmates. It would be wise to pay attention to what you say and what you do in order to make good friends.