Anna Walker
апрель 2017.

What are the best things about being Brazilian?

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One of my favourite things about being Brazilian is the diversity of my home country.

For example, the Amazon Rainforest, the biggest tropical forest in the world located in the north of the country. The weather there varies throughout the year with both rainy and sunny days.

Just a few-hour airplane flight away, you reach the region which is mostly famous for its gorgeous beaches. For example, Fernando de Noronha, where the weather is good throughout the whole year.

The diversity is not only found in climate and weather, but in music too.

 For example the Brazil originated music genre named Bossa Nova with its most famous song “Garota de Ipanema” being worldwide known. The phrase 'bossa nova' is literally translated as 'new trend'. It is best described as fusion of of samba and jazz.

Another famous music style is Sertanejo, originated in the Brazilian countryside in 1920s. The most famous song of this genre would be Ai Se Eu Te Pego, played at every English radio station in 2011.

Or Música Popular Brasileira famous for its beautiful lyrics. The genre originated as post-bossa nova urban style that can combine traditional Brazilian music such as samba with foreign influences such as jazz and rock. One of the most typical songs would be Aguas De Marco.

And finally, my favourite thing about Brazil is the people. Brazilians are very warm and friendly, but if we see something going wrong, we'll stand together as a nation to make things right.