Anna Walker
апрель 2017.

What are the best things about being Kazakh?

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  1. People will assume, in most cases, that you are Chinese, Malay, Korean, Japanese or Vietnamese, and you can surprise them with a new answer “I am Kazakh”

  2. We have mongoloids looks and that’s beautiful.

  1. Due to being part of the Soviet Union in the past, we speak Russian and therefore we can easily communicate with former Soviet countries.

  2. People will probably never assume that we can speak Russian due to our Asian looks.

  3. We are a warm and very welcoming nation.

  4. Our family always comes first.

  5. We are raised with good values.

8.Our family always has our back and will support us no matter what.

  1. Guests are always welcomed in our houses.

  2. We are respected wherever we go.

  3. We have different kinds of meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  1. We love our tea just like British people ,and we drink it every 2 hours.

  2. If you are Kazakh, you don't worry about being hungry because in every house there is a grandmother, who looks forward to feed you.

  3. Your wedding is not just your wedding, but also your family's and you'll probably see a lot of strangers there.

  4. If you meet another Kazakh they might end up being your relative or knowing your friend, who knows another friend and so on… Everyone in Kazakhstan pretty much knows each other in some way.

  5. Being a Kazakh woman you are always respected, cherished and protected by your siblings, cousins, friends and parents.

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