Anna Walker
март 2017.

What are the best things about being Romanian?

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The question feels like a trap to me as almost everywhere I have travelled by now, I have always been afraid of people judging me whenever I said that I am Romanian. I am well aware that I come from a second-world country that in the majority of the time feels like a third-world nation because of the reputation that has been carried around by some of the people one would probably hear about in the news. It is so often that I hear that my fellows have left a restaurant without paying their bill, they have blackmailed someone or they are simply begging for money on the streets around the world.

Yet, the rest of us, Romanians, try not to leave our nation to be defined by just a few intruding examples. The rest of us have morals and care about people even if it is hard to imagine these days. The rest of us attempt to strive in a world that usually doesn't trust us until we have proved the contrary. UNDERESTIMATED is one of the best things about being Romanian. It is how we are most often seen and, believe it or not, we take this as an advantage. We proved the theory numerous times in science, mathematics and literature and we proved by demonstrating against the government when they exceeded their power. Romanian marched against corruption in their country and succeeded in raising awareness in the entire world. They set an example of how civic activism can tackle the abuse of power to all those in the world who were willing to believe them.

Many have talked about Romanians as being “the guardians of democracy in the street”. Who would have thought this? Not only we showed our power, but also proved that we can stick together for one goal. Because we, Romanians thrive on adversity and we use it as a success.

There is something else that no one can appreciate more like we, Romanians, do and that is “sarmale”. Juicy mincemeat in cabbage rolls, seasoned with various spices, covered in a blanket of cabbage and baked for a couple of hours. Next to a jar of cream and a steaming mamaliga, they are basically part what holidays season means for Romanians. The only thing that you should worry about is not leaving any food on your plate or else you will make the host feel like a horrible cook.