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февраль 2017.

What is Sadiq Khan doing to tackle homelessness?

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Sadiq Khan has pledged to end the "beyond shameful" scale of homelessness throughout London. One of his key commitments is to stop people sleeping rough for more than one night in a row. 

He has recently launched a homelessness task force to tackle the problem. Made up of experts and charities such as St Mungo's, it meets twice a year to recommend policies to the Mayor. 

One of the Mayor's flagship strategies is the opening of cold weather shelters for Londons homeless. They were used in January to aid people as temperatures fell below zero. 

In early March, Khan pledged £4.2 million from City Halls budget to tackle homelessness. £1 million will go to schemes which help the most vulnerable, including young people and the mentally ill. Another £1.8 million will go to create a "safe connections" scheme, to find regular accommodation for people who have slept on the streets for more than two nights in a 3 month period.

The Mayor has come under fire from his opposition because of the cost of his homelessness task force however, as it meets only twice a year at the cost of almost £1 million. Khan has plans to announce future policies after he has reached a further devolution deal with the government, details of which will emerge after the Autumn budget. 

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