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февраль 2017.

What is the Art Represent ?

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ALEXEY ZIMIN, the Artist, introduces new art direction called REPRESENT ART

Represent Art (from “Art of Representing” – EN) can be referred to as a school of painting where the Artist’s vision come together with the Viewer’s fantasy.


The “Represent Art” term for the first time was defined in 2016 in Russia by the Artist Alexey Zimin. The concept appeared because of the common attitude to culture and to painting in particular, in today's realities. Zimin practices building a close relationship between each of his work and a viewer. On his opinion, the main problem of the modern art is that artists often forget caring about the observers. Art must bring satisfaction and unaesthetic significance to every viewer and to a painting world as a whole.

Following by these thoughts, Alexey Zimin came to the idea of creating a new concept, where the observers have a chance to participate to a certain extent in creation of a new painting. Certain empty spots on a painting are left in order to those viewing it could visualize the rest to their liking. “Ulyanovsk expanses” became the first painting in this new style. Having being minimum incomplete, it provides the unique opportunity for all art lovers to feel themselves artists, being able to change the ready painting the way they see it in the most perfect art instrument – their mind.


The painting techniques and the main trends have been already invented. And the modern artists just exploit it. Represent Art, however, cannot be called totally innovative. Even “Ulyanovsk expanses” could have been just a landscape though well done technically, if not a fresh note of Represent Art.

This new detail from Zimin can help to refresh the stagnant painting, as well as to build friendly relationships between a viewer and Artist. Represent Art is ambiguous though. Out-of-art viewer might think that there is nothing special about it and that artist just failed to complete the painting. On the other hand, thoughtful and slow observing can open the new ways of knowing about ourselves, our thoughts and art. This exceptional symbiosis of a viewer with an artist taking place on the painting, would not let anyone give the go-by to the Represent Art style painting.

Represent Art would help the getting started artists to gain the fast popularity if using carefully, softly, following the founder’s example. A comparative inspection and invention of the new techniques of Represent Art taken place now will make an important contribution into the world painting knowledge. It would also help to get a new, mixed-up approach of realities where people, tired of single-type techniques, will accept Represent Art with interest.


Similar to his invention, Alexey Zimin is a non-ordinary and contradictory person. Despite of being young, the author of numerous paintings is always in search for improving the painting schools. Represent Art became his first but confident innovator’s milestone. It came up as a result of hard work in researching, analyzing and learning the world of art, his endless attraction to communication and socializing.

Careful and laconic technique of Represent Art helps Alexey and his followers to build a valuable dialogue with their audience, using only silent paintings, colors and brush.

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