Robert Jones
февраль 2017.

Which are the most authentic Greek islands for holidaymakers?

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Skyros is a real hidden gem only a short (and very cheap!) flight from Athens.  It's a green island with plenty of beaches, incredible as well as reasonably priced food, great people and a very laid back main town. Do not forget to ask for the local delicacy, lobster pasta. It's what dreams are made of. 

Kimolos is what the Cycladic islands used to be before direct flights were the norm. Everything we all love in a typically Greek island including the white washed houses, blue shutters and endless sandy beaches but without any of the crowds. What it does have in abundance is some of the best boutique accommodation you can find, including a wonderful converted windmill.

Astypalaia has the views, the beaches, the food and as many goats as you could possibly hope for. What it does better than most though is not beg you for your custom.  Tourists are very welcome but they have to join island time.  Thankfully the main town is one of the prettiest in the Aegean so you won't need to rush. Accommodation, especially if you avoid the month of August, is exceptional value for money and the owners will stop at nothing to make you feel at home. 

Elafonissos is a little slice of heaven.  A long stretch of pristine sandy beach which will make you feel you're in the Caribbean, the best seafood imaginable and a tiny town will all help leave your worries on the ferry that makes the 10min crossing from the South Eastern tip of the Peloponnese. It's also the site of the the oldest submerged city in the world. It thrived for 2,000 years during the time that saw the birth of western civilisation.

Hydra is a place that will steal your heart.  Only a short ferry ride from Athens is this little holiday selfie wonderland.  No cars are allowed and all buildings are listed. There is literally no way of taking a bad photo, no matter what time of day you decide to venture out into the endless alleyways. It's big with the yachting and fine arts' crowd because of the DESTE Foundation Slaughterhouse Project Space. 

Don't forget the big guys though: Santorini, Crete or Naxos.  You can always escape the crowds and get a flavour of what Greek life is all about.  It's easy really. Move away from the beaches lined with bars or restaurants serving typical tourist menus.  Hire a car and head for the mountains, that's where the cutest villages and best food are always to be found.  Greeks are used to travelling to find the best home cooking so just follow the locals! 

This is the Greece we love at Everymatic, the one you don't necessarily read about in travel supplements.  Get in touch, we'd love to show you round!