Mariz Sofia
февраль 2017.

How do you apply virtual or augmented reality to business?

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The development of different communication devices and technological innovations are allowing us to implement many tasks simultaneously and explore our world from a totally new angle.

Augmented reality technology provides an experience where virtual content (things like holograms) superimposed to the real world. AR developers have started exploring its possibilities since hardware is available literally for everyone, mobile and tablets-based augmented reality applications are intuitive and natural to use even for newbies. Though the proper AR experience requires a see-through head-mounted display — augmented reality smart glasses, for instance like Microsoft HoloLens or Meta which allows you to have a hand free interaction with a content and a wider field of view.

Many developers and field experts suppose that in the next few years users will be able to use AR technology for planning, maintenance, training, quality check. It can also be used for all sorts of virtual exhibitions, or for explaining and promoting your idea in a unique way.

Almost everyone is familiar with the IKEA's app where you can see how a furniture will look like in your home. So we can use this for advertising as well, providing customers with a much more elegant way of trying and buying things.

AR could facilitate and make building processes much more efficient. From now on we can monitor work in progress: interactive maps and 3D models, data visualisation and live interactions with a remote project partner.

Technology brings entirely real psychological experiences and helps get immersive visual experiences that can be implemented in real life.