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январь 2017.

Want to become a Research Co-Ordinator at

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Поделиться is a new resource which brings inquisitive people together with experts from academia who can answer any question. On our platform, users post questions on a wide spread of subjects from politics and economics to the arts and sciences to sport, entertainment, lifestyle and pop culture. Our network of academics, analysts and other specialists then provide bespoke answers that are inspiring and authoritative. TheQuestion is here to spread discoveries and ideas, spark curiosity, make connections, empower readers – and to stand up for reason and expertise in a post-fact world.

We’re now looking for paid student Research Co-Ordinators across the country to expand our network of experts, and to bring more answers to a knowledge-hungry public.

You will be a persistent, organised self-starter with an interest in digital information, strong social media connections, and a passion to spread the word about your areas of expertise – from the subjects you study to the experts you know and the things you love. You will:

  • Recruit professors, lecturers, postgrads and other experts in your college to answer users’ questions, and nurture them to become regular users of

  • Encourage your friends, your fellow students, your social following and your wider college community to ask questions regularly on our platform.

  • Ensure that at least ten quality answers are uploaded to each month.

  • Share answers and questions both in your immediate college groups and in your wider academic community, to spread the word about

This is an opportunity to become part of a new and radically different way of delivering ideas to a public which needs reliable information more than ever. To successful applicants, we offer access to a growing, influential platform; personal coaching and training from experienced digital media professionals; and a paid monthly retainer provided you meet your agreed targets.

If this sounds like you, please send us your CV plus 500 words on the subject areas you can help us cover. And please attach the names of five respected academics who wouldn’t hang up on you if you called them out of the blue. 

Send your CV to

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