ноябрь 2016.

What do you want to know?

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Hello! We are TheQuestion, a brand new service that connects you – the incurably curious reader – with experts, academics and analysts who can answer your questions. We cover everything from news and current affairs to technology, philosophy, the arts, sciences and humanities

If you’ve got a question, we will find the right person to answer it. It just takes three steps:

  1. Sign in via Facebook. It’s fast and easy, and we promise not to share any of your information with anyone else or post on your behalf.

  2. Click POST A QUESTION using the button in the top right. Then write your question and add a few topic headings (e.g. Politics, Science, Sport), one at a time. (They will auto-generate as you type, then click to select). You can even upload a cover picture if you like. Press DONE and it'll upload.

  3. Keep checking back. We’ll be looking for a specialist who can supply the answer.
    In the meantime:

  • Explore our Topics. See what other users are asking. Subscribe to topics that interest you, and follow your favourite experts. 
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Share your questions to attract more experts; see new questions; find out what’s on the agenda and join in our conversation. 
  • Answer a question yourself. Everyone’s an expert in something. Maybe you’re a graduate in engineering or you work in healthcare – or you just read widely. We are here to make sure that everyone shares their knowledge as widely as possible.

Have a look and see what you think. You never know where a question can take you!

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