Edie Mullen
ноябрь 2016.

Which technology is most likely to change the 21st century?

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Ultimately it will be about the link between the body and the IT world. The human mind will merge with the computer. By 2040-2050, there will be very strong links between the body and nervous system, and IT. There will be telepathic communication, direct brain links. You could think of a question, for example, and an answer will automatically come back through the cloud.

More of your thinking will be happening in the cloud. Ninety-nine per cent of your mind will be in the cloud rather than your brain, and when your body dies, your mind can carry on living in an android.

You’ll make electronic copies of your mind. This could mean that in effect you lead different parallel lives, each one with a slightly different career, partner and so on. It becomes science fiction very quickly. Once you get your mind in the network there’s almost no limit what you can do; you could experience life as a dog for a week.

There will be full convergence between man and machine – voice recognition, biotech on skin, biotech under skin.

Scientists are already delivering AI, but humanity is not ready for it. Technology could be used to get better weapon systems. It’s crazy to think that our politicians seem more pre-occupied about the HS2 rail link; we need to decide which way we want these new technologies to go and put the right regulatory systems in place.