Cee Nicco
ноябрь 2016.

In a survival situation, would eating parts of yourself be an option? Is it realistic?

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Well, probably not a great idea.

Yes, the organism will have no problem digesting human protein, fats and carbs and even getting enough energy from it to survive. This is where the good part ends.

To survive, we need water and food. For the hostile conditions, the body has resources of carbohydrates (in muscles and liver), fat and, finally, muscle tissue. Survival chances for longer rise if you are overweight since you use your fat resources. The exact number of days differ between individuals, but some researchers say, that this corresponds to the decrease in the approximately half of the normal BMI. 

During the famine, the organism decreases its energy expenditure, 'turning down' most of the processes in the body. The breath is slower, the heart rate goes down. However, the stress events, like hurting/cutting, and the sensation of pain will induce various hormones, leading to the increased energy requirements, e.g. adrenaline

Healing of the wound, fighting the pathogens will use up the energy too. Considering, that the body doesn't have enough energy, the immune system will be more prone to the infections and the risk increases with open wounds. 

The blood loss will result in the drop of blood pressure, which will make a person to lose consciousness and may  result in coma/death.