Tina Sullivan
ноябрь 2016.

Are your views biased?

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It's an interesting question! Does anyone really have unbiased opinions? Everything we believe comes from a lifetime of experience – but that is drawn from our social background, our friends and family, our education, even the TV we watch and the books we read.

If you’re asking whether TheQuestion’s opinions are biased… Well, we use experts from a wide range of backgrounds. Some of them are scientists and academics who strive to be objective and to present evidence-based conclusions. Others are political commentators who inevitably have a political position or background. In the case of the latter, we do our best to make it clear where they’re coming from - we try to identify them, say, as a pro-Trump Republican or a pro-EU centrist or a Conservative and so on. But even that isn’t so simple. A person can be politically right on economic issues but left on social issues, for instance.

We think it is best to read what people have to say and then come to your own conclusions. Navigating bias is part of life in a democracy: you accept that people have a point of view, and you test it against your own. There’s a difference between presenting an argument (which we think is legitimate) and distorting the evidence (which isn’t).

Of course, if you read something on TheQuestion that you disagree with, you can always add your own comments below, and keep the conversation moving.